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Inspire by CanvasPop: Awesome Art Show

Inspire by CanvasPop is a weekly blog series showcasing world-class décor ideas, products, art, or photography. Check back on Wednesdays for more inspiration!

We’re so lucky to work with a group of incredibly talented people at CanvasPop! Our staff is a creative bunch — we have a ton of photographers, designers, musicians, artists, and writers in the house. They’re the people who inspire us the most on a day-to-day basis. Today we thought it would be fun to put the spotlight on one of our very own, Stephen Smith. Stephen recently unveiled some of his incredible photography at Death Valley’s Little Brother in Waterloo, Ontario. He tells us it was the venue itself, and its amazing atmosphere, that sparked his interest in having an art show. His photos and the venue mixed together so well, we just had to share!

When asked about his work, Stephen says he first became interested in photography about seven years ago after using his Grandfather’s old film camera to experiment with black and white photography. His camera of choice these days? A Canon 5D Mark II.

He tells us, “my style is a little tough to describe but I tend to focus on linear forms in the details of nature and urban landscapes. I’m also interested in showing man-made objects at odds with the natural environment. I find inspiration by travelling, seeing new parts of my own city, and looking at all the great photos that come across my screen working at CanvasPop!”

His advice to anyone thinking of having their first art show, is to just do it! He says, “ask around at local cafés, contact artists that are currently on display, or email the owners a few examples of your work. For photography and digital art, you can’t go wrong with canvas prints. It allows you to print super high quality, at a much larger size than other methods so you can really get that wow factor when they’re on display.”

Want to follow more of Steve’s work? Check him out on Instagram and flickr!

If you’re an emerging or established artist, selling your work online is another great option! Apply to be featured as an LTD. by CanvasPop artist, or nominate your favorite artist.