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Filterstorm App Review

Mobile Monday is a weekly CanvasPop blog series featuring reviews on some of the coolest mobile photography apps available. Check back on Mondays for a new review!

Hailed as being one of the top photo editing apps for the iPhone and iPad, we thought Filterstorm would be a great app to feature this week. The app is so powerful when it comes to perfecting your photos, and changing their look, some say it may even replace the need for a desktop editing suite. Perhaps one of the most unique features of Filterstorm is in it’s use of Layers, something Photoshop lovers will be sure to appreciate. You have the option of adding up to five Layers to your photo, as well as the option to use different blend modes to improve your image. Here are some more pros we found via Current Photographer:

Filterstorm takes programs like Lightroom, or Aperture, and brings them right onto your iOS device of choice. Filterstorm contains all the goodness of tonal curves, noise reduction, saturation, cloning, and so much more. It can even bypass size limitations that Apple imposed with a simple copy and paste technique.

Filterstorm’s interface is easy on the eye while maintaining simplicity in navigation. Firing up the app will have the basic controls on the left side of the screen. Loading up a photo is as easy as choosing it from your photo library. Those with a camera connection kit and iPad can even bring in photos straight off a memory card. Navigating around the app is rather intuitive and makes your mobile workflow a breeze. Even the adjustment boxes can be moved around the screen to help keep them out of your way.

Once the photo is in the app, the real work begins. All edits happen without destroying your original photo. There is even an apply button you have to hit before each change becomes final. This makes it simple to test out various changes without running for the undo option. There is even a masking option so you can paint in the changes you want, right where you want them.

Filterstorm gives you options for what to do with your photos once you are done as well. FTP, Email, and saving directly to the device are all available options. You also have the option of the size that you would like to save the edited photo as well.

The app sells for $3.99 on the iPhone, which is a steal thanks to its amazing functionality and large amount of editing features available. There is a Filterstorm Pro version available for the iPad as well, which retails for $14.99.

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Photo credit: Life in Lofi