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Top 6 Photo Management Apps

Mobile Monday is a weekly CanvasPop blog series featuring reviews on some of the coolest mobile photography apps available. Check back on Mondays for a new review!

Smartphones these days serve many purposes. For phoneographers they have become a portable camera, photo editor, and storage device. Now that you have the ability to take a photo wherever, whenever, we bet those images are starting to add up fast! It always helps to keep them nice and organized on your OS for easy access later on, and to maximize your use of storage space. Here are 6 recommended photo management apps, via Apartment Therapy:


When it comes to organizing photos on your iPhone (or iPad), the app we most like using is Photo Manager Pro for its features and flexibility. Photos and videos can be placed into folders and subfolders, and within each the contents are arranged based on either names, tags, ratings, filenames, file types or dates. Where this app truly shines is the wide range of photo transfer options, from peer to peer exchange to straight to the computer via wifi. $3

You may be keeping photos on your phone you’d rather keep for “your eyes only”. Stash not only works as a photo (and file) organizer, but its passcode protection is an extra layer of security for delicate material. The guest account option allows free viewing for files that are safe to share, and can also be viewed using an Apple TV with AirPlay. Another detail we love about this app is its icon: inconspicuous, so little fingers won’t go anywhere near it! $4


Sometimes it’s great to stop, smell the roses, and enjoy the (photographic) memories. The app’s Fish Bowl mode displays photos as a wall of snapshots, which magnify at the center of the screen in a visually impressive aerial perspective. Photo Gallery makes it easy to create albums and put your pictures away, all within a gorgeous interface. Additional features include easy bulk import/export for back up purposes and a photo locker to store sensitive pictures.Free

If you like to have photos organized by date for easy searching, this app can prove to be a useful organizational tool. Using the metadata stamped onto photo files, Photo Calendar creates albums automatically and separates them based on dates. Change the names, add tags, upload to various social network sites, or skim the calendar view to see how many snapshots you took that day. Free


Photo Lock will not only guarantee to keep your pictures safe (as its name hints) but also offers tools to help edit them. With support from the popular online image editing application Aviary, you can crop, rotate or add effects, as well as organizing them into albums. Multiple accounts can be created for various levels of security to make sure others only see your best pictures. $1

Private Photobox is a highly recommended app for security and storage of photos on your device. The app includes unique security features, such as locking out individual albums, or even hiding them from view entirely. Albums and sub-albums can be created and pinned to the start menu for quick access. $2 (On sale now for free)

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Photo credit: Apple