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Affordable Art by Greg Snyder

This amazing Greg Snyder print, titled “Fall on the River”, is one of our absolute favorites! It’s different than anything we’ve offered before, both in size and in style. Panoramic in layout, the print is being offered at both 12×36″ and 18×54″ at $99 and $149 respectively. We think it’s the kind of print that will make a big statement in any room.

When asked about his print, here’s what Greg had to say: “Walking down the railroad tracks along the river early one fall morning, the water was like glass with the most amazing reflection. While shooting on a tripod I just wasn’t happy with the way I was freezing the capture, so I switched to hand held. Moving the camera downwards at the same time to get the motion blur I wanted must have taken 30 shots before I was satisfied.

Sometimes our vision needs to become blurry and out of focus for us to see clearly again. I think it forces us to stop, slow down and really take a hard look at what’s in front of us at the time and realize just how fortunate we are.”

To see more of Greg’s work, be sure to check out his site!

For over twenty years Greg has traveled the world with the Canadian Army taking in many amazing sites. In 2009, he bought his first camera and found photography was exactly what he needed to be his own boss.
Thanks to a supportive wife, Greg poured his energy into photography and since, his canvas prints can be seen above mantels and couches as far away as The Netherlands.
When asked to shoot his first wedding, Greg quickly learned that he could combine his love of landscape with people and since has been enjoying the honor of freezing moments in time for couples weddings.
Greg and his wife Jennifer live in Wakefield Quebec, Canada along with their two golden retrievers, Leif, Gunnar and Kitso the kitten. Greg continues to travel, enjoy the great outdoors, and capture as many moments as possible with his trusted camera.

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