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Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Ah, Valentine’s Day! The one designated day a year where you get to show the person that you love, just how much they mean to you. There are so many cliché gifts out there, that are a safe and easy bet — flowers, chocolates, jewellery. These are all great, but aren’t exactly the most personal, and thoughtful gift ideas. Why not try something different this year? We’ve come up with a list of personalized Valentine’s day gift ideas for you, that all come in the shape of an awesome custom canvas print. They’re easy, they’re thoughtful, and they’re gifts that will be cherished forever.

Having some trouble narrowing down that perfect picture to print for your sweetheart? No worries, we have a great option for you. You now have the ability to create a photo collage canvas of 3-13 of your favorite photos, directly through our site. Find some of your best pics as a couple, and use one of our awesome templates to arrange them yourself.

Add a bit of a unique twist to your gift, by adding one of our cool effect options to your order. One of our designers will expertly apply it for you, and help you achieve that exact look your are going for. Some of our favorite effects? Vintage, and pop art!

You spent your hard earned money on those engagement, and wedding photos — now make sure they get the attention they deserve! Surprise your special someone with that beautiful photo, from one of the most important days of their life.

Nothing says the photos your choose to print for your gift, have to be couples photos. Why not track down their most coveted Instagram shots, and have them turned into some sweet Instagram canvas prints? We suggest 2-4 photos at least so you can hang them together.

Reminder: Our Valentine’s Day order deadline is January 31st!