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How CanvasPop Creates a Great Experience

At CanvasPop, we love our customers. No really, we do. We’re so committed to creating a world-class experience, that we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re completely happy.

These core values run deep throughout CanvasPop, and one of the ways our web development team ensures a great experience is with the help of super accurate, real-time web monitoring services. Our team uses New Relic to help ensure an amazing customer experience 100% of the time by letting us focus on things like speed, reliability, and order accuracy (just to name a few!)

This is why we’re incredibly proud to have our development team featured in a recent case study by New Relic — a system that we’ve used to make ordering quality canvas prints an amazing experience for you!

Feeling techie? Check out the entire CanvasPop case study by New Relic.