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Mac Monday: Snapheal Review

Snapheal is our latest photography app crush — an app that we definitely suggest you get acquainted with this year. Brought to you by the innovative developers over at Macphun, Apple recently named Snapheal one of “2012 Best Mac App Store Apps”. Now that is a recommendation we can definitely get behind! The app is not only simple to use, but is powerful as well. It allows you to do so much more than just retouch your images — you actually have the ability to erase unwanted objects, and blemishes with a simple click of your mouse. For example:

Here are just a few of the pros this app offers, via Mashable, who call the app “an inexpensive alternative to Photoshop“:

At [$29.99], Snapheal is a bargain, compared to other editing programs. Photoshop Elements will set you back $80; the full version of Photoshop costs about $700.
Snapheal is also tidy. The program won’t slow your entire computer when open.

Snapheal’s best editing features are the “Erase” and the “Clone & Stamp” tools. With these, you can seamlessly erase unwanted objects out of your images. The Metro Transit Authority recently posted this eerie picture showing a nearly empty Grand Central Terminal, when Hurricane Sandy shut down the trains.

To a New Yorker, seeing Grand Central Station nearly abandoned is shocking. In the image above, however, there are still two people in the station. With Snapheal, you can remove the people in the photo in about 30 seconds.

Anyone who has attempted to use Photoshop without guidance knows it can be intimidating. Its interface, dotted with columns of foreign icons, is uninviting to novices. There’s no denying that Photoshop is a great program, but it can be difficult to unlock its many wonders.
Snapheal doesn’t feature as many tools, but its interface is very easy to navigate. There are five basic editing tabs: Erase, Clone & Stamp, Retouch, Adjust and Transform. The UI is clean, simple and intuitive.
Mostly every aspect of Snapheal works how you would expect, which makes it sort of addicting to use. 

Snapheal is currently on sale for an awesome price of $9.99, regularly the cost for the app is $29.99 as mentioned above. It is available for the Mac OS 10.7 or later. Personally we would recommend the app at either price, you won’t be disappointed!

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Hero image credit: MacLife

First text image credit: Snapheal

Second and third text image credit: Mashable