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Underwater Photography by Andreas Franke

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We’re  in awe of Austrian photographer Andreas Franke, and here’s why! He’s one of the most innovative artists we’ve seen in a long time. His most recent project titled “Stavronikita Project: The Life Above Refined Below” features underwater photos of a sunken ship which shares the same namesake, with some eighteenth century nobility added to the mix. What’s even more interesting is the exhibit featuring his latest project will actually take place on the deck of that same ship, for scuba enthusiasts to enjoy. Via Design Boom:

Franke transformed the marine scene into images depicting the flamboyant epoch of European style and cultural history — women gossiping over a picnic, a leisurely stroll twirling umbrellas with an exchange of coquettish glances. 
The pictures have been attached to the vessel with great care taken not to upset the ecological balance of aquatic life or to damage the outer skin of the SS Stavronikita, and for people to view the exhibition they will have to make their way 24 meters into the liquid abyss.

Below are just a few of the incredible images that are currently being displayed in the underwater exhibit. The photos would make for some truly stunning canvas prints! What do you think of Franke’s adventurous project?