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5 Impressive Photos of Animals Underwater

The ability to take a decent underwater photo is impressive in itself! Not only do you need the appropriate equipment, but you also need some serious skills to capture an underwater photo that will really wow. Trying to balance the low lighting, exposure, color contrast, and constantly moving subjects can be incredibly tricky. These are just a few of the reasons why these photos really stood out to us!

We love seeing underwater photographs come through our offices, the colors of the water tend to really pop when turned into canvas prints. Below are 5 underwater photos of animals that we’ve curated for your viewing pleasure. What do you think of these shots? We always love to hear your comments!

Shark and Bubbles by David Douilet

Camouflaged Shrimp and Crab by Tim Laman

Emperor Penguin by Paul Nicklen

Weedy Sea Dragon by Richard Wylie

Tadpoles by Eiko Jones