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A Beautiful Mess App Review

A Beautiful Mess App Review

Mobile Monday is a weekly CanvasPop blog series featuring reviews on some of the coolest mobile photography apps, or gear available. Check back on Mondays for a new review!

We really love the lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess, and were pretty excited when they launched their own photo app in May. We think it’s a fun way to add a bit of personality to your images, and will appeal to bloggers and social media enthusiasts in particular. It’s cute, fun, easy, and very Instagram friendly. Here’s the skinny on this new app!

The app is really simple to navigate, once you have it fired up. The homescreen opens up giving you two options to get started: choose a photo from your camera roll, or from one of their available backgrounds. There are 12 free backgrounds to choose from, and also some geometric and mod styled backgrounds available for purchase. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to move on to personalizing your image!

The next page is where you’ll scale and crop your image, and the process is exactly the same as Instagram. It’s preset for a square crop,  you can zoom in and out of the image and move it around till you have it just right. Once complete, click the check mark in the upper right hand corner and proceed to the edit page.

The edit page is where you get to have all the fun. You’ll notice 5 different image edit options at the bottom of the screen, which you can click through to add some new features to your image:

A Beautiful Mess App Review

FILTERS: The app has 6 filters to choose from, which we hope they continue to add to. 3 of the filters options are in color, the other 3 are available in black and white. Once you’ve chosen which filter to add to your image, you will automatically have the options to play around with it’s opacity, brightness, and contrast.

BORDERS: 16 borders options are available with the app, with 3 alternate border packages available for purchase. Choose the border that suits you best, and play around with the available color options. They add a fun, yet minimalist element to your photos.

TEXT: Add and customize your own text in this area. There are only 4 font types to choose from, but there is also a font pack available for purchase if you’re looking for more options. Pick your font, enter your desired text, and customize it’s size and location on your image.

DOODLES: You can add some cute doodles to your photo, all of which look hand-drawn which we love. 28 different doodle options come with the app, or purchase some more symbols or word bubbles. Play around with the different color options once you’ve picked the best doodle for you!

PHRASES: 12 phrases are available, as well as more for purchase. Choose from cute little sayings like “adventure”, “happy day!”, or “relax”. Twist them, size them, place them in your image, and add some pretty color.

Now that you’re all done you can share your hard work with friends and family on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter directly through the app.

We can definitely see ourselves using this app to narrate photos for future blogs posts! We love the style of the designs, and fonts that are available to add to your images. They’ve managed to make customizing your image with borders and doodles look unique, and not cheesy like many of the other apps out there. We find the available options add a laid back, and vintage kind of flare to your photos.

A Beautiful Mess is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone with an iOS of 6.0 or later. It’s currently priced at $0.99, as are all of it’s in-app purchases.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess