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‘Remade’ by CanvasPop is Creating Unique Wallets with Recycled Photo Canvases

'Remade' by CanvasPop is Creating Unique Wallets with Recycled Photo Canvases

We have big news to announce today, and our offices are full of excitement over the launch of our latest initiative — Remade by CanvasPop. Since our start in 2009, we ‘ve been producing thousands of amazing photo canvas prints every week. Each canvas is painstakingly looked over before we send it out,  if it’s not perfect we discard the canvas and start over. As our volumes continued to increase, the waste this created became a huge problem. This is how the idea for Remade was born.

We wanted to find a way to solve our waste issues, and give back to the community at the same time. Remade converts our discarded pieces of canvas, and turns them into awesomely unique wallets. The wallets are then sold online, after which 100% of the profits are donated directly to charity:water; a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Each Remade wallet is constructed by workers at EcoEquitable Inc., which is a charitable organization that provides employment and skill development training to immigrant and underemployed women.

We’re offering two types of wallets through Remade. One type features the work of emerging artists or photographers, whose designs will be used to fill the “dead border space” in our print runs which would otherwise go in the garbage. The other type of wallet called ‘Surprise Me”, is created using unique images from the discarded canvases of our customers’ photos — not without their express permission of course!

Remade by CanvasPop wallets are available for purchase now! Click here for more information.

Remade by CanvasPop from CanvasPop on Vimeo.