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Why We Chose charity: water for our Chance to Give Back with Remade’s Recycled Wallets

charity: water

Our purpose at CanvasPop has always been to provide the best possible customer experience, to deliver the highest quality product, and to create a company culture designed to attract the best people to serve our customers. In essence, this is what drives our business.

Remade by CanvasPop is not only an extension of this philosophy, but it also provides us with a means to give back to a very important cause. By donating the profits of each unique wallet sold to charity: water, we are contributing to an organization that is doing some amazing work in this world.

Many people have asked us why we chose to support charity: water in particular. The answer is simple:

1. They are fixing a pervasive problem right at the root. 800 million people lack clean drinking water, thus making them sick. charity: water is devoted to funding water projects, which will ultimately help prevent disease and death.

2. They are transparent about their activities. Through mycharity: water, donors can track every dollar raised to help fund water projects. Upon completion, charity: water provides photographs and the GPS coordinates of each of it’s projects.

3. They have a 100% donation model. Every penny of public donations directly funds water projects.

We are thrilled to do our part, and help this remarkable organization. We hope this will help spawn a greater, socially responsible movement.