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Spinpod Review: Easy Panoramic and Time-lapse Photography for your Smartphone

Spinpod Review: Easy Panoramic and Time-lapse Photography for your Smartphone

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After reaching their Kickstarter campaign goal, two UCLA Ph.D. students are improving mobile photography with their latest creation. The Spinpod is the brain child of Daniel Aharoni and Zhiping Chen, and aims to help phoneographers vastly improve their panoramic photos and time-lapse videos. The gadget is easy to use, affordable, and much more portable than you’d think. The creators say it’s as thick as a pack of cards, and just as light.

We all know the iPhone’s panorama feature is incredibly useful, but it also has it’s flaws. If you go too fast, you risk ruining your shot — and often times it can distort the subjects that you’re trying to shoot. Enter the Spinpod, which is a motion controlled doc for your smartphone. It allows you to securely fasten your phone into the doc, select it’s panoramic mode, and capture a perfectly stitched photo as it spins around. An alternate time-lapse mode allows you to effortlessly capture a steady, time-lapse video with your phone. In this mode, you can set the device to rotate 0.06 degrees every 0.5, 1, 2, 5, or 10 seconds.

The Spinpod is compatible with select smartphones, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod Touch, and most Android phones. As an extra little feature, it also happens to double as a speaker when you aren’t using it to take photos. You can pre-order the Spinpod here, it’s currently on sale for $59.95.

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