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Camera Professional FX App Review

Camera Professional FX App Review

Mobile Monday is a weekly CanvasPop blog series featuring reviews on some of the coolest mobile photography apps, or gear available. Check back on Mondays for a new review!

This week we’ve been playing around with the iPhone app Camera Professional FX by Max Becker. It’s a pretty neat,  and easy to use app. Not to mention free, so definitely worth the download! There aren’t a ton of features available with the app, which is one of the reasons we like it so much.

The app is perfect for those iPhone hobbyists, who are looking to add a professional touch to some of their shots. It offers you four different shooting modes as well as an additional effects gallery with both traditional, and unique effect options.

Burst mode allows you to snap multiple photos in a quick succession, to help you capture the perfect shot even when your subjects are in motion. The slowshutter camera option allows you to play around with resolution, shutter speed, and device sensitivity.

Multi-shot camera gives you the ability to take multiple photos in a short period of time. You can regulate speed fps, and number of frames shot. You can automatically shoot up to 60 frames with the click of a button. Finally the countdown timer option allows you to automatically take timed photos while your phone is fixed. Choose your resolution, stabilizer setting, and how many seconds you need to set up your shot.

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