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Photos Are The Memory Keepers of Your Story — by Cathi Nelson

Photos Are The Memory Keepers of Your Story -- by Cathi Nelson

Photos are the memory keepers of our personal story. They are reminders of love, laughter, good times, vacations, family, friends and tradition. Yet today we are at risk of losing our visual inheritance! Why?

Because. We. Take. Pictures. Of. Everything.

The ability to take and share thousands of photos in an instance has lulled us into thinking that those photos will always be available to us but too often, that isn’t the case. Our photos are at risk to natural disasters, technological obsolescence, computer failure and digital overload. Here are a few tips to ensure you will be able to share the photos you care most about in the future:

1. Get in the habit of only keeping the photos that matter, ask yourself, will I want to see this photo again in 20 years? If the answer is yes, that becomes an A photo and one that you want to ensure you upload, tag and back up. As for the rest, DELETE!

2. The best back up is still a printed photo! Take the time to print those “A” photos and store them in a photo safe archival box, or turn them into a canvas print. You won’t regret the ability to hold a photo in your hands 20 years from now.

3. Take photos with the intention to tell a story, then you will more likely end up with “A” photos that you will care about in the future.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll have a visual heritage to share for generations to come.

Photos Are The Memory Keepers of Your Story -- by Cathi NelsonCathi Nelson is a pioneer of the Photo-Life Management Industry, she is the founder of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, an association that trains individuals who specialize in helping consumers and businesses rescue their irreplaceable film and digital photos, organizing them in a way that makes it simple to share their memories, lives and traditions. Since its inception, APPO has grown to include hundreds of members throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.