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Tiny Planet App Review

TinyPlanet App Review

We’ve got ourselves a brand new app obsession called Tiny Planet. Available on iTunes  for just $0.99, Tiny planet turns your photos into a sphere so that it actually looks like, well, a tiny planet. The app is a lot of fun to play around with, and definitely helps create some share-worthy images.

Here’s how it works. Launch the app on your iPhone or iPad, and start getting acquainted with the different buttons. On the top from left to right are the info button, help button, and the option to visit a gallery of all your planets. On the bottom from left to right are a button to choose or take a photo, purchase the extras pack, make a tiny planet, make a rabbithole, and share.

Begin by clicking the button to choose or take a photo. From here you can either snap a shot in app, or grab one from your camera roll. To make a tiny planet or rabbithole, you simply have to click the appropriate buttons. In just a few seconds you’ll have a unique image that you can boast about. Click the share button to save your image to a photo album, e-mail it, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Instagram.

A few extra tips and tricks:

– Try and work with horizontal, or panoramic images for best results
– Keep in mind that the bottom area of your image will become the center of your tiny planet, or the outer edges of your rabbithole
– If you want a more seamless looking tiny planet, try and ensure that the right and left edges of your photo match
– When creating a tiny planet from images with people in them, you’ll get better results if the people are not on the edges of the photo
– Images that include a horizontal sky, water, or greenspace make for the most classic tiny planets or rabbitholes

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