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We’re Teaming Up With Microsoft’s Fresh Paint to Bring Your Digital Art to Life

We've Teamed Up With Microsoft to Bring Your Digital Art to Life

Have you heard about the new version of Microsoft’s app Fresh Paint yet? The latest update of their popular digital painting application will be rolling out on October 18th, with Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8.1. We’re especially excited about this news, and are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Microsoft to allow Fresh Paint users to turn their digital creations into a unique canvas print.

The app will use our new photo printing API to allow users to create high quality canvases of their artwork, simply by pressing the integrated “print” button. A variety of print sizes, framing, and edge options will be available before the transaction is completed via a pop-up shopping cart. Once the transaction is complete, the rest of the work is left to us. We will carefully print, frame, and ship your new print directly to your front door.

Fresh Paint is a great asset for anyone looking to appeal to their inner artist — it includes options for oil paint, watercolors, pencils and any other tools you would need to get creative. If you’re not sure what to paint, the app even has a handy option to turn your personal photos into paintings with just a few clicks. Are you excited to get your hands on new version of Fresh Paint?

Learn more about our new partnership with Microsoft here.