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Afterlight App Review

Afterlight App Review

Afterlight by Simon Filip is one of the top photography apps on iTunes at the moment. After playing around with it the last couple of days, we can definitely understand why. The app is chock full of useful features, it’s easy to navigate, and really well laid out.

Getting started is the same as most other photo editing apps. Once you fire it up you’ll be presented with the option to take a photo with the in app camera, or to grab a photo from your camera roll. Once you have your photo chosen, you can get down to business.

The editing screen is where the magic happens. Here you can toggle back and forth between all of the features that will really make your photo pop. Auto-adjust brightness, clarity, shadows, or sharpness to name a few. Crop, reverse, or even tile your image. This is the screen that also stores all of the app’s cool filters, and frames.

The filter, and frame options are by far our favorite parts of Afterlight. Some photography apps have hundreds of filter or frame options, four to five of which are actually useable. This is simply because they can sometimes transform a once decent photo, into an over-processed one.

We couldn’t find one filter that we didn’t like, and absolutely love their film texture options that turn your digital photo into a genuine vintage looking shot. They allow you to add a dusty, light leak, or instant film look to any image.

The app’s frame options are what we found truly unique, and we have yet to find another app that rivals them. Instead of adding a slightly cheesy element to your photo, these frames give your shot a more hip look. Choose from a variety of geometric shapes, letter, numbers, and even symbols to frame your photo. You’re free to change the color, or opacity of the frame and can purchase a wallpaper pack for $0.99. The wallpaper pack replaces the frame space with one of fifteen hand drawn patterns.

Download Afterlight today on iTunes for only $0.99. Already tried the app out yourself? We’d love to hear your own review in the comments!

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