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Cool Gear: The Lollipod

Cool Gear: The Lollipod

If you’re looking for some new gear to step up your mobile photography game, look no further than the Lollipod. A brand-spanking new product, the amazing Lollipod functions as a tripod, monopod, boom, lighting stand, and selfie stand. That’s what we call a lot of bang for your buck!

The creators have made the stand as easy to use, and portable as possible. It’s compact, light weight, and fits into a carrying case that you can loop on your belt. It’s compatible with multiple devices including your smart phone, GoPro, smaller sized camera, strobes, or even video lights. The Lollipod retails for $55.66 USD, or get it today for a special intro price of $48.00 USD.

Not entirely sure how the Lollipod will benefit you? Check out this great series of tutorials to help you get started.

Cool Gear: The Lollipod

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