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Photofy App Review

Photofy App Review

Looking for that next great photography app to download on your mobile device? We suggest checking out our latest app hang-up, Photofy. The app is simple to use, but oh-so effective — it offers over 5,000 professionally designed graphics, and frames to really bump your photos up.

Photofy is available for your iPhone, or Android device. Download it for free on iTunes, or for $0.99 in Google Play today! Once you have it downloaded on your phone, you can get creating. When you first launch the app, you’ll be prompted to create an account. From there you’ll be able to capture a new photo with your phone’s native camera, or choose an already existing one. You can choose your photo from your camera roll, Facebook, Instagram, or even Dropbox.

Once you have your photo you are automatically prompted to crop it as a square. Move the photo around with your fingers until you reach your desired crop. Click “continue” to move on to the fun part of the app, the “popular designs” page. Here you’ll find thousands of quotes, text, and pre-set sayings to add to your image. Not sure what to choose? No problem, select “view more designs” to choose from different categories such as anniversary,  fashion, graduation, apology, or inspirational.

Pick the design that works best for you, and advance to the “edit design” page. Here you can add a frame, filter, or caption text to your image. You can change the color of the design, its size, transparency, and location. Click on “change design” to go back if you’re not set on the design you’ve chosen.

Looking for even more options to choose from? The app has a ton of great in-app purchases that you can unlock for $0.99 or more. Unlock additional designs, frames, and even color swatches to further customize your images. Once your image is just the way you like it, click “preview” then “save and share”. From here you’ll have the option to share your image on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, and Flickr.

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