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We love a good photo editing app, but we really value a photography app that serves as a great resource. OKDOTHIS offers you just that and more! The app gives you full access to a community of photographers who want to help each other reach their creative best. It’s a super handy tool to have, especially when you’re short on ideas of what to photograph.

The next time you find yourself in a rut, fire up the app and start exploring. The community is based on lists of what the app developers have coined “DOs”. They are ideas, and examples of the various things that you can shoot to really amp up your creative process. You’ll often stumble upon ideas you might never have thought of on your own such as “fill the frame with one circle, any circle”, or “take a picture of your feet while you walk or run.”

While exploring, you’re welcome to find a “DO”, write a “DO”, actually “DO” it with the in app camera, and share your work with others through Facebook and Twitter. To discover what other users are suggesting, check out the app’s “discover” page which organizes ideas into categories. Click on any “DO” within the app to see examples from other photographers within the community.

The social side of the app is a huge plus as well. Follow other photographers to keep tabs on their ideas, “like” other photos, and give feedback to members by leaving comments. The app is still young, but we have no doubt that their talented community will continue to grow!

Check out OKDOTHIS today! The app is available on iTunes for just $1.99.

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