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Pic A Moment App Review

Pic A Moment App Review

If you find yourself wanting more out of your Instagram feed than just selfies, food shots, and baby photos this may be the perfect app for you. We’ve recently discovered the iPhone app ‘Pic A Moment‘, and are having a ton of fun playing around with it. The app is free in iTunes, and definitely worth the download!

The app acts as a sort of Instagram search engine. It allows you to enter in a place — a city, business, venue etc. — as well as a date, and brings up the public Instagram photos that correspond with those specs. It’s a great way to check out a collection of photos from specific events, concerts, establishments, or even breaking news moments.

The app is very user friendly, and easy to navigate. You can start by choosing from a broader timeframe — 1 day ago, 1 week ago, 1 month ago, in the past — or a more specific date. Since the app is pretty new you only have the ability to search up to a few months ago at the moment. That’s the one big downside that we’ve noticed, but something that will fix itself over time.

Once you’ve completed your search, you’ll be taken to a new screen that includes all of the image results. You’ll notice the top of the screen gives you some trivia on an important historical moment from that same date, and at the bottom were the weather conditions from that day. Pretty cool add on features if you ask us! Pull up the photo to see details on the Instagram user who the photo belongs to, as well as the caption that accompanies it.

The app was originally created with marketers, and journalists in mind. However we think it’s an awesome way for Instagram users to stay connected through photography, and have the chance to see exactly how important events unfolded on social media.

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Via TechCrunch