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Facetune App Review

Facetune App Review

If you’re a selfie fanatic or simply just into mobile portrait photography, Facetune is a definite download must! The app is a higher level editing tool, that allows you to tweak the look of the subjects in both portraits, and group photos. While Facetune is a bit trickier to get started with, it’s a great option for getting your images just right when you’re on the go.

When getting started the app will automatically give you an option to “try a demo photo”. Give it a go so that you can get better acquainted with all of the tools, and available options. The tutorial is very intuitive, and hands on. Play around with one of the demo images, and select each of the tools to find out exactly how to use them. You’ll be an expert in no time!

When you’re finished with your demo photo, there is always an option to try out some different tutorials — a feature that we love! Select the camera icon in the top left hand corner to find the full tutorial section. Learn how to use filters, brighten your images, restore old photos, master specific tools, and more.

Once you’re ready to try editing your own photos you can either grab one from your camera roll, or snap a new one with the iPhone’s native camera. Explore all of the editing tools, and achieve the perfect portrait with just a few finger swipes.

Editing options include teeth whitening, skin smoothing, reshaping, patching, tone fixes, red eye eliminator, and much more. We really like how user-friendly the app is in terms of perfecting your image, and having the ability to easily go back and fix mistakes. When editing your photo you can toggle back and forth between the original and your new edits to see the exact progress that you’re making.

The app is a one-stop shop, and even includes filter, frame, and background blur options to really make your images stand out. Once you’ve achieved photo flawlessness save your image to your camera roll, send via e-mail, or share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, or Instagram.

Download Facetune for your Apple device here, for a charge of only $2.99. Happy editing!

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Hero image via Brit + Co.