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Faded App Review

Faded App Review

When we came across the iPhone photography app Faded by Vintage Noir, we were first drawn to it because of their unique logo (and $0.99 price tag). We dug the design so we thought we’d download the app, and have a quick look around. Once we launched it we were instantly hooked!

The homescreen of the app is super eye-catching, and well branded — the background features a succession of gorgeous photos, as well as their colorful logo. At this point you can choose to take a new photo with the in-app camera, or grab one from your camera roll.

The in-app camera is a great tool, and offers some features that we’ve never seen before. The best camera feature is their hands free timer called “SNAP”. It allows you to take a photo by snapping your fingers, or clapping your hands. We had a bit of fun testing out “SNAP” in our offices, and found it to be pretty handy.

Faded has an especially user-friendly interface, and is effortless to get started with. There are tons of tutorials, and pop-up tips available to get you better acquainted with all of the available features. Once you’ve chosen which image you want to work with, it’s time to get down to editing.

The app is filled with some great tools to really make your photo stand out. You can also visit the in app store once you’ve exhausted these options, to choose from more filter, effect, and overlay packages. Each package runs individually for $0.99, or you can purchase all of the extra features together for only $4.99. We love the unique feel of the app’s filters that give your photo a nostalgic, and classic film like appearance.

On top of all of the great effects you have to choose from, the app also has no shortage of photo editing tools. Customize your image further by adjusting the contrast, exposure, brightness, temperature, shadows, etc. Once you’re done with editing, show off your image by sharing it through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Tumblr.

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Video via Vimeo