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How to Print a Photo Collage

How to Print a Photo Collage on Canvas

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Figuring out which of your images you want turned into a photo to canvas print can be really tricky. In this day and age there are bound to be too many photos to choose from. Instead of picking just one shot to put up on your wall, why not create a photo collage print of a bunch of your favorite images? Here are some great tips to help get you started.

How to Print a Photo Collage How to Print a Photo Collage How to Print a Photo Collage

CanvasPop photo collage prints have tons of different layout options. They’ll help make your canvas the focal point of any room. When choosing your layout first think about the space that you’re trying to fill, and narrow down a size. Do you want your print to be large, small, square, horizontal, vertical, or panoramic?

From there the next step would be to figure out how many images you’d like included on the canvas. Choose anywhere from 3-36 photos to place on one print. The choice is up to you!

How to Print a Photo Collage on Canvas

We always dig a collage print with a theme! In some way, shape, or form the photos should all relate to one another. Round up some of your favorite outdoor shots for a nature themed collage, create a more moody look with your best black and white photos, or maybe include images from your favorite vacation. There are tons of ideas out there if you put your mind to it. Get creative!

How to Print a Photo Collage

Some of the best collage prints have the ability to tell a story. It can make your print that much more meaningful, and personal. It can also turn it into a great conversation piece! Choose photos from some of your best life moments — your engagement, wedding or new baby’s first years are great starts.

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