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Create Canvas Prints Via CanvasPop and Unique iPhone App Brushstroke

Create Canvas Prints Via CanvasPop and Unique iPhone App Brushstroke

Have you heard of the awesome iTunes app Brushstroke by Code Organa yet? It transforms your images into gorgeous paintings with just one touch.  We’re super excited to announce that CanvasPop and Brushstroke have now teamed up to transform those paintings into physical canvas prints.

To get started on your masterpiece first download Brushstroke on your iPhone, iPad,  or iPod Touch. From there it’s super easy to get acquainted with the app. Grab any image from your camera roll, adjust it, crop it, and continue to the “Paint” step.

The “Paint” step is where the real magic happens. Choose from multiple painted effects to add to your image that range from simple, to bold, to abstract. Adjust the tones of your image, as well as the canvas textures to add further interest to your work. Fully edit your painting by playing around with brightness, contrast, shadows, temperature, and more.

Our absolute favorite feature on Brushstroke is the ability to sign your painting once it’s complete. Simply click on the “a” icon in the edit screen, sign your name, click “done”, and voila! Your signature will automatically be added to the bottom right hand corner of your painting.

Once you’ve got your painting just right, continue on to the share screen. Here you can save your image to your camera roll, or share it via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Want the option to have your new masterpiece shipped directly to your front door? Click the “ship” button to have your painting personally printed, framed, and delivered by CanvasPop.