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Video by CanvasPop: Filmmaker Takes Epic Selfies as He Travels the World

Now this is how you take a selfie! British filmmaker, and world-class traveller Graham Hughes documented in just 4 minutes what some would call impossible. He traveled to every country in the world (as recognized by the UN), and managed to capture a one second “selfie video” of himself in each one.

After visiting 201 nations, racking up 400 hours of video, 10,000 photographers, and 1 million GPS data points Hughes created this four-minute video compilation of all his travel selfies. He was aptly awarded a Guinness World Record for this amazing feat. To say we’re impressed would be an understatement! Are you green with travel envy yet?

To keep up with Hughes and his future adventures, check out his blog here.

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Via Petapixel