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CanvasPop at the 2014 99U Conference by Bēhance

CanvasPop at the 2014 99u Conference by Bēhance

How creative are you? That’s the question that CanvasPop is helping designers answer this year at the 2014 99U Conference by Bēhance. Not only are we super stoked to be in attendance at the conference, but we’re proud to have created some awesome canvas prints for their Art Director’s Club Kickoff Meet & Greet as well.

The 2014 99U Conference by Bēhance brings together some of the world’s most creative, and dynamic people. This year it’s taking place in New York City from May 1-2. The two day event gives attendees the chance to mingle with some of the design industry’s top creators, innovators, and visionaries. Through talks, classes, studio sessions and other events the opportunities to learn, network, and invent are seemingly endless.

CanvasPop at the 2014 99u Conference by Bēhance

CanvasPop is beyond excited to be attending this year’s 99U event. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to showcase what we do, and to connect with other industry leads. Not only will we be giving away $50,000 worth of product and vouchers, but we also created the awesome canvas prints pictured above.

The prints feature questions from the Remote Associates Test, which is a creativity test that determines an individual’s creative potential. Each question on the test consists of three seemingly unrelated words, that asks you to think of a fourth word that somehow relates to them. Your score is then calculated based on how many correct answers you give.

How many correct answers can you come up with based on the image above? Give it a go, and share your answers with us in the comments! To keep up with the conference as it happens, click here.