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Brushstroke Version 2.0 iPhone App Review

Brushstroke Version 2.0 iPhone App Review

We reviewed the awesome iPhone app Brushstroke by Code Organa (one of our favorites!) almost one year ago, and it still continues to amaze us. In case you have yet to hear of Brushstroke, it’s an app that can transform your mobile photos into cool paintings in just a few seconds. To learn more about Brushstroke’s features and functions, click here.

Code Organa recently unveiled a new version of their popular app. It contains tons of helpful updates and some awesome new features. Along with some new painting styles, color palettes, and canvases, here is what else you can expect from version 2.0:

• Swipe to adjust painting detail and color
• Optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
• iOS 8 and 64-bit support
• Ship and share previously saved paintings
• Ship framed prints and posters
• Details and price breakdowns for shipped products
• Manual exposure and camera improvements
• Visual quality improvements
• New adjustments
• Crop your paintings
• Undo, redo, and reset
• Landscape support on iPad
• Improved handling of large photos
• Move and scale your signature
• Bug fixes and other improvements

Phew! Did we also mention that you can purchase CanvasPop canvas prints and framed poster prints of your painted creations directly through Brushstroke? Once your masterpiece is just right, click on the “ship” button to have your painting lovingly printed, framed, and shipped directly to your front door. Pricing starts at just $10. Download Brushstroke here to get started.