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How to Use Your Phone to Edit Photos for Free (Or Almost Free!)

How to Edit Photos on Your Phone for Free (Or Almost Free!)Capturing the perfect photograph is never easy. Even professional photographers have to take dozens of shots to land that perfect one. The lighting, color, balance, exposure, subjects, and compositions all need to be perfect. The chances of this happening are slim to none.

Modern mobile phones have given us the ability to snap a photo wherever, whenever. So many people don’t realize that they also give us the ability to make that photo perfect wherever, whenever — with photo editing apps. Here is a list of our favorite free photo editors (or almost free!) that are available on your mobile phone.

Studio Design App


Studio Design (Free) Available for both iPhone and Android users, this app is perfect if you’re looking to add some text flair to your images. The app includes thousands of free shapes, crops, and fonts to use. Perfect for any Instagram lovers out there looking to inspire. You can easily export your completed image to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to share with family and friends.

A Beautiful Mess ($0.99) It seems fitting that one of our favorite blogs has created one of our favorite iPhone photo apps. All of those fun, creative, and polished photos with text that you see floating on your newsfeed were likely created with this tool. A Beautiful Mess offers a variety of cool fonts and hand-drawn doodles to add to your images. Additional custom filters and editing options are also available to really make your photo stand out.

Afterlight App


Afterlight ($0.99) Afterlight has been one of our favorite photo editing tools for quite awhile now, and it continues to impress us. It has over 128 adjustable frames options which makes it one of the best app for adding a border to your photo. The possibilities of frame options are seemingly endless — add floral, Polaroid, shape, letter, or colorful borders to any photo. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

ModiFace Photo Editor


Facetune ($3.99) An app every selfie lover must have, Facetune is a super powerful portrait editor for your phone. iPhone and Android users can use the app to remove blemishes, correct red eye, smooth out skin, reshape facial structures, and more. It’ll have you looking picture perfect in no time!

ModiFace Photo Editor (Free) A self-proclaimed “one-stop makeover“, this app can help change your appearance in minutes. Smooth out skin, change your hair color, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, and even add some makeup. ModiFace Photo Editor is free on any iPhone or Android device.

Vintique App


Retrica (Free) Retrica is a handy photo filter app for both iPhone and Android users. Boasting over 100 exclusive filters, the app allows you to preview every option before you even take the photo. Add vignettes, watermarks, or blurs to further personalize your image. Best part? It’s free…for now.

Vintique ($1.99) Another awesome photo filter app, Vintique is a must have for iPhone and Android users. Geared towards vintage lovers, the app includes 100s of filters specifically categorized — basic, vintage, light, snap, retro, and soft vintage. Including dozens of vignettes, textures, and frames the app is sure to have something for any taste.

Brushstroke App


Brushstroke ($2.99) We love Brushstroke! Currently available to iPhone users, the app transforms your photos into awe-inspiring paintings. There are numerous customization options available to truly make the creation your own. Choose from dozens of painting styles, brush styles, color palettes, canvases, surfaces, and more. The best part? You can actually print your masterpiece with CanvasPop directly through the app!

Corel Paint it! Now (Free) This iPhone app allows you to turn any photo into a painting. With five available painting options — oil, modern, illustration, impressionist, and pen & ink — it’s pretty fun to watch the app paint your image stroke by stroke.

Litely App


Litely (Free) Litely is a great app that aims to help you create “lovelier photos“. It’s free for the time being, but we don’t see that lasting long! Download this app if your photos needs adjustments with crop, exposure, sharpness, vibrance, etc. It also has options to add vignettes, filters, and textures to make your images pop. The app is currently available for iPhone users.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free) Another iPhone app that we love for adjusting and correcting photos! Adobe Photoshop Express makes photo editing super easy. Edit your images to your liking with simple slide bar motions, or use the app’s automatic one-touch fix options. You can straighten, crop, remove blemishes, adjust contrast, add filters, reduce noise, fix exposure and so much more.

Photo Collage


Pic Collage (Free) Pic Collage is an awesome free collage app available on Android and iPhone devices. With a projection of over 80 million users, it’s easy to see why this app is so popular. If you’re looking to combine photos, videos, add fonts, stickers and cutouts to your images, this is the app for you. Import photos from your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook, or even web image searches. They’ve got dozens of collage templates in square, portrait, or landscape layouts that make sharing super easy.

Bazaart (Free) A free app for the more creative and artistic iPhone users, Bazaart gives you the tools to make a very different kind of photo collage. Think of a decoupage in digital form. The app allows you to cut backgrounds out from your photos and flip, scale, rotate or position subjects on the same digital canvas.  Add new backgrounds, text, or effects to your image for some extra added flair.

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Hero image credit: The Verge