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4 Quick Tips on Photographing Fireworks

5943380173_37a6d6d660_zWe’ve covered some helpful tips on how to photograph fireworks in the past. With Canada Day and Independence Day being celebrated this week, we thought it was fitting to post some extra tips from our friends over at Photojojo. They’ve shared some great “quick ‘n dirty” suggestions on how to capture the best shots during a firework show.

Location, location, location

Search for the best spot to capture your photos before the show begins. Make sure you’re downwind from the fireworks and that your view is free of any obstructions.

Manual focus

It’s important to not rely on your auto-focus once the show begins — there will be too much going on. Manually set your focus to infinity before the show starts.4761739666_c05468a926_z


A high ISO will do nothing for your photos, so keep it below 100 while you shoot.

Low Shutter Speed

Since you want to capture the movement of the fireworks, it’s best to shoot with the longest shutter speed. Use bulb mode if you have it available.


If you’ve taken any great firework photos try printing them on Canvas or Photo Magnets to share the moment with friends!