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Animals Showcase Complex Emotions in Sombre Photographs

Most people photograph humans; some photograph animals. But Belgian photographer Vincent Lagrange photographs animals as humans. 


His photography series “Human Animals” captures portraits of dogs, owls and lizards showcasing human-like characteristics and emotions. The animals featured in Lagrange’s work display a range of emotions from suspicion to contemplation to excitement.



While most photographers capture their subjects in their natural element, Lagrange’s photos showcase a different side of animals rarely seen. His subjects aren’t hunting for their prey or sleeping atop a tree, but they are immersed in deep thought or taking a break from a tiring day.



The face on some of these animals lets you know that these photos were captured at the perfect moment. But that was not an easy task for the Belgian photographer. With the animals constantly moving, the lighting and props required constant shuffling around before the perfect photo was captured. 


To view more of Vincent Lagrange’s photography with animals, check out his Human Animals series.

Via Vincent Lagrange