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How to Safely Share Photos of your Kids on Instagram (and Take Great Shots!)

How to Photograph Kids for Instagram

We recently stumbled upon an awesome article by the folks over at decor8 who were sharing 16 Ideas for Photographing Kids for Instagram. Instagram is such a hot social media tool right. They wanted to explore not only tips on taking great shots, but also tips on keeping your kids safe when you’re posting their photos online. Here’s what they had to say:

1. If you’re sharing pics of your kids, don’t take them in front of your home. If you must, make sure you omit the house number.

2. Don’t ever geo-tag your location when you post from home school.

3. Watch out for photos displaying any kind of nudity. While you may think it’s cute and harmless, it’s never a good idea. Instagram also has very strict nudity policies, especially when it comes to children. It may even result in an account closure.

4. If you’re posting photos of your children on an open Instagram account, keep close tabs on your followers. If an account has no profile photo or gives you a weird vibe, block them.

5. Always keep in mind that the photos you post of your kids might be embarrassing to them and could cause bullying at school. Put yourself in their shoes before you post anything.

6. Lighting is key for a good photo! Avoid using your flash, and instead opt to photograph your kids outdoors or in the brightest spots in your home.

7. Candid photos are the best! Try not to overly stage your shots.

8. Take photos throughout the day. By the end of the day, you’re bound to have something share-worthy.

9. Shoot your photos at different angles and levels — up close, far away, from above. It’s more interesting when you shake it up.

10. Pay close attention to backgrounds. A cluttered or messy area can ruin a photo.

11. If you’re taking a group or family photo, try your best to coordinate their clothing.

12. Show the bond between siblings. Take lots of shots of them interacting.

13. Tell a joke a snap a photo of your kids’ reactions. The results are almost always adorable.

14. Hand over some props before you take the photo. Food, like a popsicle or ice cream cone, can really add to a moment.

15. Research different poses on Pinterest and try them out.

16. Have patience! Photographing children isn’t always the easiest.