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7 Photos That Blur the Line Between Reality & Fantasy


Hailing from Brooklyn, designer Victoria Siemer captures the world around her through photography and uses photo manipulation techniques to create a sense of surreality. Her art starts off as breathtaking photos of natural landscapes, such as mountains, forests, and city streetscapes. She then uses geometric fragments to create a unique sense of symmetry.



Siemer, who also goes by the alias of Witchoria, says her work focuses on the visual and emotional fragmentation that exists within all of us.



The key to producing the feeling of symmetry is the Brooklyn-based designer’s composition of each photo. Her photos effectively employ the rule of thirds and incorporate a gloomy butty sky that complements the natural landscapes. By incorporating these photography techniques and manipulations, Siemer blurs the line between reality and fantasy.



To check out more of Victoria’s mind-bending photography, check out her personal portfolio or follow her on Instagram.

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