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How to Take Better Summer Vacation Photos in 5 Steps

How to Take Better Summer Vacation Photos

We’re sure you’ve got some great summer vacation plans on the horizon, and you’ll want to be prepared to preserve those memories before you go. The best way to remember a trip is through photography, but taking some share worthy photographs is not always the easiest. The folks over at Lifehacker have shared their top 5 tips that have you taking better vacation shots in no time!

How to Take Better Summer Vacation Photos in 5 Steps

1. Keep a close eyes on the corners and edges of your frame — you don’t want anything obstructing the photo. This can take away from the subject you are capturing. This will also save you some time with post-processing, as removing certain objects can be tricky.

2. Invest in a polarizing filter if you’re shooting with a DSLR. It can help keep your colors rich and vibrant, and will also cut down on reflections in your image. It makes your setting look much more natural, and not quite as harsh.

3. Try to keep your post-processing work to a minimum. If you’re looking for some program recommendations Lifehacker suggests trying out Lightroom or Macphun’s Noiseless Pro.

4. Don’t forget to bring your tripod along on the trip! This is a super important tool for capturing great landscape and night shots.

5. Remember to have fun! Don’t always be the one behind the lens, get in your photos too.