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Try Rearranging Your Furniture to Amp Up Your Home Decor

Fall in Love With Your Home Again! All it Takes is a Little Rearranging

Some days you wake up, take a look around your room and think “something needs a change.” We often go through lows with our home decor and a fix is not as permanent or difficult as you may think! The home experts over at Apartment Therapy have shared some helpful pointers on how rearranging your furniture can make you love your home again. Check them out below.

If your furniture is hugging the wall, try pulling it away.
There’s no cardinal rule that says your furniture has to be propped up against the walls. Pull your furniture towards the center of the room and group the seating arrangements together. This can really open up the room and make it appear much larger.

Arrange your seating so it faces each other.
Most people will arrange their living room so that the sofas and chairs form a “U” or “L” shape. Mix things up a bit and rotate the seating so it faces one another instead. The results can turn out as nicely as this example.

Rotate all of the furniture in one room 90 or 180 degrees.
It might take some post-rearranging, but you may be pleasantly surprised with the results. Plus, if you hate it you can easily change it back.

Remove just one piece from the room.
Like with outfit changes, removing just one stick of furniture from a room can often be the solution. Most people tend to over-clutter a room as it is, so this can make a huge difference.

Move some items to a new room.
Shake things up! You know that desk sitting awkwardly in the living room? Maybe it’ll work best in the bedroom. Or try that dining room out in the kitchen instead. Repurposing old items is cheap and breathes new life into them — it can also help spark new decor ideas.

Switch out an entire room.
This is a big job, and one that you’ll probably want some help with. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a house with interchangeable room, take advantage. Move the living room into the dining room, or your bedroom into the living room. It’s often something people won’t expect, and can give your home new potential.

Mix and mismatch your chairs.
Don’t be so predictable. Use a dining room chair in your office, or move that living room accent chair into the bedroom. Mixing and mismatching what you already have available can be fun and unanticipated.