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How to Create a Gallery Wall

How to Create a Gallery Wall Tutorial

A room with a great art wall always stands out in a home. It’s an interesting focal point, and the best way to show off your personal taste. When gearing up to create a gallery wall at home, most people aren’t exactly sure where to start. So we’ve created a handy tutorial for you with all of the steps! If learning visually is more your thing, skip to the end of the post for a helpful video “how to” instead.

How to Create a Gallery Wall Tutorial

Tools You’ll Need
• Hammer
• Nails
• Masking tape or painter’s tape
• Tape measure
• Pencil and eraser
• Scissors
• Butcher paper or tissue paper

Choose Your Prints
Turn your own photos and art into canvas prints, or purchase some cool art online. Pick a scheme or theme that suits your style.
• It’s important to make sure the pieces relate to one another in some way, shape, or form. Otherwise it will just look like a random grouping. For example stick to photography, graphic art, colorful prints, black and white prints etc.
• Mix and match frame types and colors for a more eclectic look.
• Choosing varying sizes is impertinent to the success of the overall look.

How to Create a Gallery Wall Tutorial

Plan Your Layout
• Measure the wall space you are trying to fill and tape it out on a clean floor.
• Look for inspiration on layouts on the Internet. Pinterest is an amazing source for this kind of project. Here are some additional layout examples to check out!
• Arrange your desired layout on the ground. Keep the pieces close together, about 2-3 inches should do.
• If you’re unsure where to begin, start with the largest piece and work your way out. This will help anchor the overall look of the wall.

How to Create a Gallery Wall Tutorial

• Using the butcher paper, create paper cutouts of each art piece by tracing the frames. Replace each frame in your layout with its paper counterpart. Make sure that you note which cutout goes with which piece.
• On each frame, measure from the wire on the back to the bottom of the frame. Don’t forget to hold the wire tight before you do this! Mark this spot on the paper cutout.

How to Create a Gallery Wall Tutorial How to Create a Gallery Wall Tutorial

Hang it Up
• Measure the wall space you will be filling with painter’s tape.
• If you’re hanging your gallery wall above a couch, bed, desk etc., you’ll have to do some additional measuring to ensure things are properly centered above the subject.
• Tape each of your paper cutouts to the wall mimicking your original floor arrangement. Make sure everything is spaced out properly.
• Once you are completely certain your paper layout is perfect, start hammering the nails into the spots you’ve pencil marked on each cutout. Remove all of the paper cutouts.
• Start hanging that art! Hang the largest piece first for best results.

Is a gallery wall not your thing? Turning a panoramic photo into wall art also makes for a cool statement!