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Starting 2016 Off Right: New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers


Whether you’ve been a professional photographer for years or have just started playing with photography as more than just a casual hobby, you can make resolutions that will help take your photography to the next level in 2016. New Year’s resolutions for photographers can take many forms, from creative resolutions that will have you looking into different styles of photography to resolutions to try out new equipment. There’s a whole year ahead waiting to be captured, and you’re just the person to do it!

Start by finding a 365-day challenge that has you taking pictures every day or a more complicated weekly challenge that will allow you to go more into more depth with your pictures. Whatever you’re doing, keep your camera handy and use it often. Observe life from behind the lens as you search for that perfect picture.

beach photography

 Challenge yourself

What’s something that you have a hard time capturing? Do you struggle to get that perfect nighttime image? What about capturing a particular moment: a child in that ideal position or a portrait that expresses the individual’s personality perfectly? Resolve to challenge yourself in the coming year and experiment with the styles or techniques that you have the most trouble with. Even if you never learn how to perfectly capture that image, you’ll learn a great deal in the process.


black and white photography

Step out of your comfort zone

Resolve to try something new. Do you usually love shooting in full color? Try some black and white photography to shake things up and give you a new way to look at your pictures. Do you typically shoot with the same lens every time? Use a new one to give your pictures a different style or depth.


camera lenses

Up your game

Expand your horizons. When was the last time you bought a new piece of photography equipment? Whether you’re experimenting with a new flash, checking out a wide angle lens, or using photo editing software that can do everything short of actually transporting your subjects to the moon, use some of your time this year to try out new equipment.


Capture more everyday moments

Resolve to take more pictures. That might mean more wasted shots, but in the age of digital photography, that’s less of a concern. You have the freedom to take as many pictures as you like without wasting anything more than a little space on your memory card (and if you really don’t like the pictures, you can always delete them later). Take more pictures. Experiment with angles, light, and color. Let your imagination run wild. You can always go back to your tried and true methods later.

Travel photo collage

Display and organize

Resolve to organize. Sort your photos in a way that makes sense to you. Print out your favorites to look back on later. Put together photo collages, gallery walls, and large format prints for your home. Make use of some of those pictures for something that will have meaning to you later. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to look back on your old pictures and see how you’ve progressed and grown as a photographer.

Resolve to keep track of your growth. Take one picture each month of 2016 that you feel reflects your style, your skills, and your interests. Place it in a portfolio. At the end of the year, look back on the pictures that you’ve taken every month and see how they’ve changed as a reflection of everything else going on around you.

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