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Easy, Romantic & Cute Photo Ideas for Couples

red-love-heart-valentinesValentine’s Day is the special time of year when couples get to celebrate their love for each other. You might be young and in love, or you may be celebrating many years with someone. No matter how long you’ve been together, photos are great reminders of fun times with your partner. Whether you’re about to tie the knot, happily married, in a serious relationship, or dating, here are some ideas for romantic or cute photos.


Have Fun With Your Hair & Makeup

When planning a photo shoot, it’s common for women to want their makeup and hair to look perfect. While it’s important to look your best, you also want to make sure that you look like yourself. It can be helpful to plan professional hair and makeup services before your photo shoot. If you prefer budget-friendly options, you could also ask a friend or family member to help you out.


Embrace Nature

Nature is your friend. It’s usually inexpensive or free to use nature as a background for a photo shoot. Consider taking photos next to your favorite river, mountains, or even the desert. Oceans and lakes make for relaxing and majestic backgrounds for couples photos.

Pick a time of day and season where the color palette of the scenery looks its best. For example, springtime prairies during sunset feature green and floral tones against a warm sky, creating a beautiful scene for a romantic photo shoot. During the summertime, a bright, clear day lets you and your partner relax and soak in the sun. In the winter, take photos on a glimmering snowy day in a location where you and your partner can keep each other cozy. Some potential spots to take photos include a forest with fresh snow or a park with a poetic winter scene.

Many couples enjoy taking photos at local nature spots because it reminds them of their nearby surroundings. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to travel a bit to find the perfect backdrop for a professional photo shoot. An amazing bridge or waterfall for photos might just be an hour or two away.


Explore Attractions

If you live in a charming town, consider taking photos along a vintage-inspired main street. You and your partner might also enjoy taking photos at a local country fair in the summer. These locations likely offer vibrant colors and exciting details. Fun celebrations, such as the 4th of July or summer picnics, might also be opportunities for impromptu photo shoots with your partner. Alternatively, the bustling streets of a big city can make for a really interesting juxtaposition to couples photos.

Highlight Architectural Wonders

Research photo shoot options at picturesque old buildings or awe-inspiring museums. Sometimes couples are allowed to take photos with amazing architectural wonders around them. Other ideas include train stations with magnificent ceilings and antique details. These locations give your photos a distinctive look in the context of your local city.

Plan for Wardrobe Changes

When planning a photo shoot, it’s easy to forget about wardrobe changes. If you have the time and a place to change, bring several outfits that you and your partner can change into. This gives you more options for getting the perfect shot. Bring weekend outfits, business casual, and dressy outfits so that you have plenty of choices for taking great photos.


Set the Stage

Don’t forget about the usefulness of props or staging for your couples photo shoot. Velvet antique chairs provide a pop of color, for example. You might also enjoy holding hand-crafted signs or banners with cute sayings. In addition, chalkboards add a fun element for photo shoots.

After you and your partner have reviewed all the photos from a great photo session, you can order canvas prints for your home, office, or as gifts for family.


Photo credit: Pexels | Kaboompics | KateHaystaak