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How to highlight the beauty of your wall art

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Deciding on lighting for high-quality wall art is no easy task. Considerations include the amount of natural light as well as other home decor features. Lighting options range from creative ceiling pendants to recessed lighting. Wall sconces, often used in various areas of a home, also add character and elegance to a wall art display.

We put together some fun ideas to illuminate your awesome artwork.

Where to Place Your New Wall Art

First, it’s essential to decide where you will hang your photo canvas or print. Popular choices include hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms, or offices. Nearly any living space could be a great choice for wall art. Some enjoy larger-than-life canvas photography taking up a large part of a wall while others enjoy smaller prints throughout a home. Consider the other elements of your home decor, and decide if they will enhance or distract from your beautiful new wall art.

Lighting Ideas for Artwork

With the investment you’ve made in your gorgeous wall art, choose proper lighting for your photography. You may already have the perfect lighting solution at home, or you might want to shop around for lighting to accentuate your print.

natural lighting

Natural Light: Natural light often gives a soft illumination to art. If you have large windows or plenty of light in your living or work spaces, the details of your art prints will likely show up beautifully in natural daylight.


recessed lighting

Recessed Lighting and Ceiling Lights: Many homes have recessed lighting, as well as adjustable dimmers, which work well for lighting artwork. Recessed lights shine down from above, and bring out the drama of artwork.  A single ceiling spotlight works wonders to focus attention on wall art. These types of spotlights are often placed near fireplaces or above large, blank central walls.


wall sconces

Wall Sconces: Sconces near artwork provide a soft glow that draws attention to the beauty of the art. Choose hallway sconces with a design that matches the artwork for a unified look. They accentuate high ceilings and other interior design details. Sconces also provide plenty of light around areas that would otherwise get lost in shadows. Use wall sconces by themselves to illuminate wall art, or with other ceiling lighting options.


floor lamp

Lightweight Table and Floor Lamps: For budget-friendly lighting options, consider modern table or floor lamps to illuminate your art prints. Move a floor lamp close to the photo print to bring attention to the beautiful colors and creative themes. Or, choose minimalist table lamps with a soft flow to complement photo prints.


track lighting

Modern Track Lighting: Track lighting offers an elegant and luxurious way to light large, open spaces. Place large canvas photo prints near track lighting for a steady, consistent source of illumination. Track lighting often appears in kitchens and libraries.



Creative Chandeliers: If you love artistic, modern decor, choose creative chandeliers to accentuate the beauty of your photo prints. Consider chandeliers in modern materials and simple colors. Don’t limit this lighting option to the dining room, try a chandelier over the bed for a dramatic look.

Finding the Perfect Balance of Wall Art and Lighting

As you live or work in a space you’ll become more familiar with how the sun rises or sets and how that affects the lighting. Over time, many people also become more aware of the home decor elements that work well for how they live. It takes some careful thought and consideration to find the perfect lighting for your prized wall art.

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