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Relive Your Favorite Vacation Moments: Tips for taking great vacation photos


Vacation is a special time to reconnect with friends and family. It is also a great way to explore a new location. Are you lucky enough to be heading out of town this spring? Check out these tips for taking great vacation photos to help you get the most out of your vacation pics.

The first step in capturing your vacation happens before you even leave home. Check your camera equipment early on in your trip planning process. This way if you need anything, you have plenty of time to shop for missing supplies. If you don’t already have one, get a backpack camera bag. This way the bag is sturdy, secure, and easy to carry. There are a variety of bags to fit nearly every traveler’s budget, like this stylish one from ONA.


Once you have the proper bag, it’s time to load it! If you’re flying to your destination, you can bring your camera bag as a carry-on, but remember to watch its weight. Don’t forget your tripod, extra memory cards, batteries and battery charger. Also consider limiting the number of lenses you pack, to reduce the weight of your bag.

Depending on the activities you have planned, there may be some additional accessories you’ll want to bring along. Will you be spending a lot of time in and around the water? Consider waterproof options to protect your DSLR camera. One option could be a GoPro camera that allows you to be hands-free under the water while still capturing the moments you want. Another option is to turn your smartphone into your waterproof camera with a case like Innopocket Amphibian for iPhone.

Think about taking some candid shots while you travel to your destination, as you begin to document your trip. Once you arrive, try to focus more on capturing the natural moments of interaction. Use your tripod and remote to take some family pictures, but think natural. These experiences are not something that happens everyday, catch the little moments.

CanvasPop sunset

If you’re an early riser, try to shoot at least one sunrise during your trip. A sunrise or sunset photo makes an excellent panoramic photo print. Scout out the perfect location the day before you plan the picture. You want to make sure there is nothing in the way. Consider the lens options you have with you, use your widest option possible. Check the exact time of the sunrise, so you know exactly when you have to be awake and functional.  If you want to capture the image while everyone sleeps, get a waterfront hotel room and set up your equipment the night before. Check the settings on your camera, make sure you have it exactly where you want it. Consider using a longer exposure time to ensure you capture the whole picture. Timing is everything when taking this picture. Mother nature doesn’t wait for anybody’s camera!

One final suggestion, take pictures while you are shooting video. Many camera phones and DSLR cameras have this dual capacity. This will allow you to capture a specific pose as you record a special moment.

The most important thing to remember about vacation is to enjoy yourself. Do you already have a great vacation photo? Turn it into a quality canvas print or framed art print you will enjoy for a lifetime!


Photo credits: Danielle MacInnes | ONA Bags | CanvasPop