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How to choose a wedding photographer


Planning for a wedding is one of the most exciting, yet stressful times for a loving couple. Preparations including everything from finding a venue to narrowing down the guest list, and deciding on details like the menu, wedding attire, decorations and entertainment. With a seemingly never-ending list of “to-dos”, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately though, there are some aspects of your wedding that you can feel confident about entrusting to a professional and one of those things is your wedding photos.

Once your wedding day is over, your wedding photos are the best (and sometimes only) way to relive those precious moments, so it’s crucial that you take the time to choose the right wedding photographer that will suit your needs as a couple. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you start thinking about how to choose a wedding photographer:

Price range that matches your budget

The number one requirement when looking for a wedding photographer is to find one who offers wedding photography package prices that are in line with your budget. Remember though, that some photographers are flexible with their pricing, while others have strict limitations on the typical number of hours of wedding day coverage they’ll provide. Always check on their website for this information and if anything is unclear, send an inquiry and go from there.


Style of photography

Second only to budget, the next thing you’ll want to look for when you choose a wedding photographer is finding one whose photography style resonates with you, and that you would be happy to have for your wedding memories. While some might think wedding photographs all look the same, that couldn’t be more untrue. Some popular wedding photography styles are traditional, while others are photojournalistic in style, high fashion, or fine art, but many wedding photographers have their own unique style that often reflects one or more of these styles, so always look closely at their portfolio to determine if their style is what you want for your wedding photos.

Geographic area of coverage (and if there are any special travel fees)

It’s possible that when looking for a wedding photographer you might come across one that you absolutely love, but then discover that they don’t live in your area. This is where a wedding photographer’s geographic area of coverage comes into play, because depending on your budget and willingness to compromise, this detail can become very important when choosing a wedding photographer. Most photographers list their area of coverage on their website and will require a travel fee if your venue is outside of that area of coverage, so this is something you should always keep in mind.


Level of wedding photography experience 

Wedding photography is unlike any other type of photography due to the nature of the event and the amount of professionalism required on the part of the photographer, so one of the biggest things to look for in a wedding photographer is experience with shooting weddings. While you can always take a chance with a photographer who is new to the wedding scene or a hobbyist, this type of gamble might mean the difference between acceptable wedding photos and amazing wedding photos – so choose wisely!

Testimonials from previous clients

If you’re looking for a truly professional wedding photographer who produces great work, then look for photographers who can show you testimonials from past wedding couples they’ve worked with. There’s nothing more telling about a person’s work ethic and professionalism than what their previous clients say about them, so pay attention to these when you’re on the hunt for a great wedding photographer.


Personality match 

And finally, one thing you should always look for in a wedding photographer, that many couples tend to overlook, is a personality match. Just think, this person is not only responsible for taking your wedding photos, but they will also be spending many hours up close and personal with you and your loved ones on your wedding day, so having a photographer whose personality meshes with yours is so important. Being comfortable with your photographer will be the key to capturing the professional, natural looking shots you’re after. The best way to determine if a potential wedding photographer’s personality is a match with yours as a couple is to take the time to meet with them in person and get to know them. See if you have any commonalities and find out if they’re formal or laid back, serious or funny, artistic or scientific, etc. and see if they’re more likely to make you smile or get on your nerves!

When you’re ready, turn your engagement and wedding photos into beautiful, high-quality canvas prints.

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