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Making candid photos great

Candid photography captures those fleeting moments when someone is laughing, whispering something to a friend, or when people are simply behaving as they normally would. Candid shots are a great way to bring the unexpected and a little bit of imagination to your photo collection. While candid photography looks easy, it actually requires some skill and forethought.

Here are some tips for keying in on those random moments that make exceptional photos:


Find ways to help people or pets forget about the camera

Even though you may be prepared, children and pets can sometimes get fidgety when you’re ready to take their photo. Luckily, squeaky toys make all the difference! If you’re the photographer, catch their attention by squeaking or shaking a toy in the air before taking a great photo. You’ll be amazed at the laughter and unexpected glee that toys can bring whether you’re on a photo set or just sitting around the house.

If you don’t have a toy handy, then just make a funny face. Even simple silly poses can make little ones feel like it’s play time, so they don’t look frozen or posed. If you know children’s songs, this can help too. Being playful and fun can help bring out relaxed smiles and natural reactions.

Other ways to capture relaxed moments include chatting with family and friends. Participate in light conversation to help your subject feel at ease.  The more comfortable people feel the more they’ll let you photograph them even when they’re not looking at you.


Take your camera with you to events

Another way to capture great unexpected moments is to bring your camera with you to all kinds of memorable events. Plus, chances are you’ve already got a camera in your pocket. Mobile photography is an excellent way to capture candid moments on the go. Whether you’re going to a baseball game or a concert, you can snap some quick photos of people as they’re hugging, cheering, or otherwise enjoying themselves. These photos are unique ways to remember everyday activities with family and friends. Capturing a special moment unexpectedly is a great way to get the perfect shot for your next canvas print gift.

Follow people at special events and blend into the background

Special events are wonderful opportunities to take exceptional candid photos. With your camera with you, try to be a fly on the wall. Have your camera ready to take some quick, quiet shots of people interacting or having a great time. If they don’t know they’re being photographed, you just might capture some great expressions. Special moments to try to capture include when people are shaking hands, greeting one another, discussing something, or preparing for a big day.


Have your camera ready at home

You might just enjoy taking fun, spur of the moment photos at home. It’s simple to find inspiration all around you. Perhaps your pet is sitting adorably in the backyard, or your children are playing a cute game. You might just notice a beautiful bird perched in your backyard or a squirrel. Snap a photo before the moment is over so that you have memories of the little things that make each day special.

Bring various lenses with you

The right lenses for quick action shots can be essential. Many photographers have various lenses for many types of occasions and scenarios. In many instances, candid shots require just the right lighting, well-adjusted ISO, and the perfect shutter speed. Indoor candid photography often requires a slower shutter speed compared to outdoor situations. Multiple lighting sources, such as two speedlights, can also be useful for candid shots. Protection for your lenses against the glare of the sun can also be useful.

Edit or adjust photos for a great final effect

Experiment with candid photos in black and white as well as in color. You might add your artistic touch to the photos with filters or adjust the contrast. Once you’ve perfected your photos, explore printing options. Canvas prints are an easy and fun way to display your best candid photos at home and at the office.


Image credits: Maria Shanina | Ezra Jeffrey | Abigail Keenan