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Creative ways to incorporate photos into your wedding day

In today’s technology-loving society, most people are rarely without their smartphones, making it easy to capture all those special moments we spend together. From that awkward first date selfie to the wedding proposal, you’ve had the opportunity to document your entire relationship. Now, you’re getting married. You want to continue the habit of capturing it all and share some of those special moments with your loved ones at the same time. From wedding gift ideas to capturing every aspect of your wedding, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate photography into your big day.


Decorate with memories

Your table centerpieces can display photos from your favorite moments with your new spouse. Put up a photo collage, and invite friends and family members to add to it. Collages documenting each of your childhoods are popular, but keeping another collection that displays the evolution of your relationship is even more fun. You can also create a photo wall or a digital slide show that displays your favorite moments in your relationship. Enjoy picking out these special pictures together; consider adding friends to the photo planning and making a night of it!

You might even consider turning a canvas print of your favorite couples photo or engagement photo into an alternative guest book that wedding guests can sign. This special photo memory can be hung in your home and enjoyed over the years as a reminder of your wedding day and everyone who celebrated with you.


Send photo favors home

Many people don’t keep favors from weddings, but you can increase the odds that your favors will end up on display if you add a personal flair. Consider using engagement pictures in magnets, small boxes, or reusable photo frames to send home with your wedding guests.

Disposable cameras add nostalgic fun

While photography, for the most part, has gone digital, disposable cameras add a touch of fun, nostalgic flare to your wedding. Leave a couple of cameras at each table and invite your guests to help you capture all of those wonderful wedding memories. As an added bonus, you’ll find that your guests often capture great moments that you didn’t see because you were busy. With disposable cameras, you get the added benefit of guests acting silly or putting themselves in great poses as they use up film at the end of the reception. Disposable cameras also help remind guests to keep snapping away during those important moments.


Rent a photo booth

Consider renting a photo booth for your big day. Most booth rental companies have a package that comes complete with a booth attendant and fun, wedding-themed props. It’s also a great way to help your attendees let loose, while creating long-lasting photo memories of your special day.

Don’t forget the wedding hashtag

Choose a personalized hashtag for your wedding (including the date is a great way to keep it personal) so that you can see all the great pictures taken by your family and friends on your special day. Encourage friends and family to upload their pictures of your wedding and share them online with your unique hashtag. Later, you’ll be able to look back and enjoy all of those special moments that made up your day, viewing the wedding through your friends’ and family members’ eyes. Set up an IFTTT recipe like this one so that every time your wedding hashtag is used, the photos are saved in a Dropbox folder. For even more fun, you can project a live stream of photos being hashtagged onto a screen so guests can enjoy their photos in real time.

Make a special album for your spouse

As you’re looking through all these great pictures for your special day, you may discover pictures that have special, private meaning for the two of you. If you have time (between planning all those busy preparations for your special day) consider taking some time to create an album or photo book for your new spouse. Explain why the pictures you chose are so special, or your reaction to those amazing memories. This priceless gift will be cherished for years to come.

Wedding Collage-WALL

Print your wedding photos on canvas

Pictures say so much about the important moments in your life, bringing those special days back in memory and allowing you to enjoy them all over again. Turn your favorite wedding photos, candid or staged, into high quality canvas prints or framed art prints!



Photo credits: The Pink Bride | WeddingWireBridal Musings