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Gallery Wall Ideas: How to Give Your Photo Wall a Fresh Look for Spring

Spring is a great time to organize your home as well as give it a good deep clean. One area that might benefit from a little refreshing is your gallery wall. You know, that wall of memories where you display your favorite photos of family and friends. If you haven’t started creating your gallery wall yet, check out our video on How to Create a Gallery Wall or these common gallery wall layout ideas.

Ready to give your gallery wall a fresh look? Check out our tips below to get started.

Fresh is new

Familiarity can cause your gallery wall to lose a lot of its appeal. If it’s been awhile since you’ve mixed things up, it’s possible that people right past your photos because they’ve seen them all before. Begin by picking out some new photos to add to your wall. Even just swapping a few photos from your existing wall with new pics will help to rejuvenate your space.


Creating a focal point

A gallery wall makes a big visual impact and can act as the focal point of a room. For that reason, it’s important that you find the right balance for your frames. This is especially important if you’re using a variety of frame sizes and shapes.


Keeping it cohesive

One thing to keep in mind when planning your layout is cohesion. You want your display to be a cohesive whole – something that can be difficult when dealing with photographs with their various colors, subject matter, and sizes. To help keep your display from looking like a confused jumble of randomness, choose one unifying aspect: maybe all black & white photos, for instance, or frames or mats that are all the same, in order to tie everything together.

Creating a backdrop

If possible, you may want to consider painting your gallery wall. If you’re planning on using a mixture of color and black & white prints, a nice neutral gray will allow each photo to look it’s best. A darker shade of gray is particularly effective at making colors ‘pop’ while still providing a nice background for black & white photos.



Designing the layout

Before you even think about hammering that first nail or sticking the first hook to your wall, design a gallery wall layout. A good way of testing your layout is by cutting pieces of kraft paper or poster board to the sizes of your frames and taping them to the wall. Once you have your templates taped in place, step back and study the layout for a while. You might even want to live with your ‘paper gallery’ for a day or two.

Once you’re ready to hang your photos, you can even install the hangers right through your templates and tear the paper away for perfect placement every time!


Mix it up

Don’t limit your gallery wall to just photos, either. Framed mirrors, cute signs, and other pieces can add visual interest or evoke a particular mood when mixed in with your precious photos. Do you have a favorite quote? Why not have it printed and framed just like your photos for an inspirational touch that will really bring your gallery wall to life.

To recap the steps to come up with fresh, new gallery wall ideas:

-Choose your favorite photos and have quality photo prints made.
-Decide how you’re going to unify your display into a cohesive whole.
-Choose frames and mats to complement your photos and your vision.
-Include mirrors, signs, favorite quotes, and other pieces that work well with your photos.
-Paint your gallery wall a color that makes a great backdrop for your photos.
-Tape a ‘paper gallery’ in place & live with it for a while.
-Make any necessary adjustments.
-Start hanging photos on your fresh, new art gallery wall!


Photo credit: Brit + Co | Emily Henderson