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How to Design Your Family Photo Wall

5c871f6272f8ba695e015825e94b0331Is there an empty space in your home that you’ve been trying to fill with something beautiful, something that will make people look and say, “Wow”?  Well a family photo wall might be just the thing you’re looking for!

Designing a family photo wall isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes a little work and a little planning to make it a great place in your home. Below, we’ve put together some tips for you as you embark on this journey toward a perfect family wall in your home.


First, think about where. Foyers and living rooms are perfect places for family photo walls because they are high-traffic areas. The foyer is usually the first place people see when they walk in your home, so this room makes a great place to incorporate a beautiful photo wall. The living room is another great place for a photo wall, but you want to stick to a maximum of 10-12 photos, depending on their sizes and their frames in order to keep an uncluttered wall.


Next, you have to collect some photos that you love. Collect more than you think you’ll need then look at them closely to see if there are any overlapping colors. Take those photos and put them aside. If there are any photos you just can’t live without displaying, put them in the photo wall pile.

Play a little bit of Tetris with them. Lay them all out on a large table or on your floor and move them around to find the overall shape you want. Most of the time people want a rectangle or a square, but in some cases a triangle, diamond, or organic shapes that does not exist in geometry could be captivating. Take photos as you play with layouts because chances are you will forget what you have tried.


The framing of your photos depends largely on your style. If all of your photos are the same size, frame them in the same type of frame. Black or white frames are often the best choice for an elegant, symmetrical photo wall. But if you want more excitement to your wall, choose a few colorful and unusually shaped frames that compliment the colors in your photos. An eclectic wall becomes an absolute piece of art if it is well thought out. If you are planning an eclectic wall, use diagonals to match certain elements. For example, if you have two photos with a lot of blue, place them at opposite diagonal corners of the wall.

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