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iPhone Travel Photography Tips


Vacation is a time to get away from normal daily activities and immerse yourself in a new destination. It is also the perfect time to create memories that will last a lifetime. Before you hit the road, make sure to pack some essential gear, but save weight and consider skipping a second camera. With today’s technology, iPhone photography is now a reliable way to capture all of your travel pics.


Some basic iPhone photography gear options include:

-An extra battery or wall free charger for your phone. You definitely don’t want to get stuck in the field without an additional power source.
-Additional memory cards or a dual USB source stick to add memory to your phone.
-A travel tripod, like the GorillaPod for smartphones from Joby.
-A selfie clicker.
-An Olloclip will give you additional lens capabilities for your phone.


After purchasing your gear and packing your bags, it’s time to think about what kind of pictures you want to take.

-A hard copy of your trip itinerary may get misplaced during the trip. Before you take off, snap a picture of it. This is also a great way to document the various stages of your trip.
-Once you arrive, take pictures of special landmarks and restaurants during your trip. Don’t forget to get a clear picture of the name of the restaurant or even a shot of the menu.
-Your smartphone is the perfect way to take pictures of sunrises and sunsets because you always have it with you. Check the time for these events where you are. Getting up early to see the first light of the day is a memory to treasure.
-Look for the items that are unique to your destination or locale. Capture these in various lighting conditions. For example, shoot early in the day, then revisit the same location later to get a different perspective.
-Smartphones are also capable of taking strong video, use this capability when you want to capture a steady stream of activity on location.


After the trip is over, take some time to relax and then begin reliving your adventures.

-Sort through your photos to get an overview of what you’ve captured.
-Create photo albums on your favorite social media sites, and share your memories with family and friends.
-Choose a few of your favorites and turn them into high-quality canvas prints or framed art prints. A Photo Collage or Photo Mosaic is a unique way to document a great trip. At CanvasPop, we specialize in printing mobile photography, like iPhone and other smartphone photos.
-You can even use our Word Art Maker to add custom text or a memorable quote to one of your vacation photos.


Photo credits: Marcus Dall Col | Olloclip | Torsten Dettlaff