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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Graduation Photos

942c32522b129892f1e62ddca8c4dd98You posed for dozens of senior pictures, including that priceless cap and gown shot that meant you were on your way to entering a new world. You walked your graduation so your parents would have those graduation photos to look back on later. And now that you’ve taken those important pictures what do you do with them?

Package Them Properly

You’re going to pass graduation pictures on to your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and among others. Sending the pictures alone may mean that they end up shoved in a drawer. Instead, package them up right:

– Frame them in something lovely and appropriate that matches your recipient’s decor.

– Choose the appropriate picture size for your recipient’s wall: don’t send an 8″ x 10″ picture to someone who typically uses 5″ x 7″ pictures.

– Try putting it on canvas to make the picture look great in any home.

Try Unique Displays

You can create a fantastic photo display that mixes up all of your friends’ graduation pictures in a collage, or even just attaching them all to a bulletin board or around a mirror. Keep in mind, as you head off to college there will be plenty of times when you want to look back on those important memories. Make the most of your display by following a few simple tips:

– Choose pictures around the same size, especially if you’re putting together a photo collage.

– Design your collage around your favorites. It’s okay if some of the edges get cut off of less favorite pictures, but your favorites should be front and centre with nothing covering them.

– Include a variety of memories. You want your photo display to say something about who you are and where you’ve been. Graduation photos alone might not say it, but mixing them in with other important memories will.

– Make it portable. If you’re headed off to college or planning to get your own place, you’ll want a collage that will be easy to transport. Fixing it in a frame or using a bulletin board to design your collage is much easier to move with you than a picture design that’s taped to the walls of your bedroom.

Mix It Up

Your graduation photos don’t just have to go on the walls. Whether it’s a collage display or a framed picture you can also use them in a variety of products that will travel with you for years to come, reminding you of this special moment in your life. Consider turning your graduation pictures into gear that you’ll use even as you embark on your next adventure, including:

  • A coffee mug that will make you smile on the mornings when you’re feeling a little homesick
  • A tote bag that will carry all of your books and other materials
  • Photo magnets to attach to your fridge, desk, and anything else that happens to be magnetic
  • A photo book that will be easy to transport with you and allow you to look back on those amazing memories whenever you need it most.

Graduation is the end of your high school career and the beginning of your next adventure. Capturing those important photos and transforming them into forms that you can enjoy for years to come will allow you to keep those memories close at hand.

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Photo Credits: Studio DIY