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Essential Photography Gear for Higher Temperatures

4a7ab511751841.560fd3b14cf43The temperatures are up and school is out for the year. That means it’s time to start creating summer memories! As you plan family time together, don’t start prepping until you’re read this summer’s photography gear list that cuts down to save weight, all while teaching you how to capture great memories on those hot sunny days.


You’ve already got your hands full with water bottles, a picnic basket, and all other summer essentials like your SPF 30. You don’t want to leave out your photography gear, but have no space for all your usual photography equipment. So try these suggestions below to cut down on weight and make travelling easier!


To travel light try: the Ion Camera, a smartphone camera with a wall free charger, a maximum of two lenses, a UV filter for your lens, and to make sure your camera batteries are fully charged before leaving home!


There is a downside to the rising temperatures that are luring you outdoors: heat and camera equipment don’t mix. Below are a few simple items around your home to remedy this situation and protect your equipment against the heat.

A reusable ice pack and a large resealable bag. Make sure the ice pack is frozen solid the night before your adventure, then morning you depart place the ice pack in the large resealable bag and keep the ice in a separate compartment from your equipment. This will indirectly cool your camera during your fun. If you are going on a longer adventure, consider wrapping your camera body in a towel to protect it from condensation.AHSRH-401_main1

If you’re a GoPro user think about investing in the GoPro camera waterproof case. Make sure to set your flash to auto before placing it in any waterproof casing so the camera can easily adjust to the amount of light available at any depth. Other things to consider are: a soft bath towel to protect your camera body, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, cotton swabs to remove any sand from your equipment, and a sturdy backpack to help carry the weight.


When your out having fun try not to alert people that you are taking their picture. Rather let the natural moment play out and set your camera to shoot multiple images at one time. Be sure to use action mode or video to capture fast-moving moments like a ball game for instance. And depending on the time of day you should adjust the settings in your camera to the amount of light around you.11b8dc37539799.57441fead6924

We found that an interesting angle when shooting outside is to get low and aim high to create different angles of ordinary objects. However, make sure that you never shoot directly at the sun or any light as this can damage your eyes and your equipment. Not to mention it will also white out most of your images. If you were hoping to take a great shot of the sunrise or sunset patience is key. Give yourself at least five minutes to set your camera before the sun’s rising or setting and try to capture the colors of the sky around the sun to create a deeper image.


Now that you know the best gear and tips for summer photography, try printing any of the photos you’ve taken right here at CanvasPop!

Photo Credits: Carolin Wanitzek | Selin Ozgur