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5 Ways to Maintain Creativity in a Non-Creative Job

mindYou don’t get to exercise your creativity on a regular basis, and you might even start to feel as though your creativity is dying. It doesn’t take long before you start to miss all those creative benefits from being able to come up with unique solutions to problems, enhancing your mood, improving your overall happiness, and developing a better mindset as a result of creative expression. Thankfully, you can maintain your creativity even in a non-creative job and have a lot of fun doing it!

Make Creativity A Routine

When you prioritize creativity and add it to your daily routine, you’re far more likely to enjoy its regular benefits. It’s important to set aside time on a weekly basis to practice your favorite arts or find ways to work creativity into your routine. Like making fun works of art with your kids or pulling out your camera and getting some great artistic shots.


Start Small

You don’t have to jump off the deep end and start creating masterpieces to embrace your creative side. Many people have taken up adult coloring books, daily journaling prompts, or other methods for bringing their creative sides forward a small piece at a time. Look for little ways to embrace your favorite art and before you know it your creative side will be flourishing!

Change Your Mindset

When you’re bored with what you’re doing or frustrated with the lack of creativity in your life, it can be difficult to shift your mindset and embrace creativity. The next time a problem arises take a moment to step to the side and examine it imaginatively to see if there’s a better way to handle the situation. From creating the perfect end cap display at a sales job to discovering a new solution to a marketing conundrum, changing your mindset to think creatively is a great way to bring innovative problem-solving to even the most mundane job.

Seek Inspiration


Inspiration is everywhere. Many people have discovered that browsing through Pinterest is a great way to find creative projects or crafts, but you don’t have to develop a huge pin board to find inspiration. Look for the things that create an inspired feeling in your heart, whether it’s a long walk in the park or a quiet evening on your front porch. When you find it take a moment to jot or sketch it down so that you’ll have something to refer to later when you really need it.

Nurture Creative Moments

When creativity strikes, don’t shove it to the side and tell it that you’ll get to it “later.” Instead, embrace those creative moments and nurture ideas as they’re coming to fruit.


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Binocular Photo Credits: Yulia Lavrova